A Vintage design and a simple concept which you can drive them for 16 years old.

The model Little 4, of 2 or 4 places, combines the pleasure of driving a vehicle that is out of the ordinary, with safety and environmental commitment , as it is 100% electric and does not produce CO2 emission, it is an alternative to fossil fuels.

The little 4 has high-power batteries, which offer a 100-km. range, with a maximum speed of 45 Km / h. This means a cost of approximately 1€ per 100 Km, which is the cost of recharging its batteries. We know that 75% of our trips are within a 7-km. radius, so its range is more than enough for the usual daily use of a car.

The Little 4 provides us a comfortable, safe driving, but also casual and modern driving, as it is a unique car and a tribute to the most beautiful creations of the 60’ and 70’s.

From 13.000 € upwards

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